Labor Abuse – H1Bs

Another part of the labor costs solution … H1B visas. Here’s the game

  1. Write a job description so demanding that *extremely* few people would qualify
  2. Perform the job posting step required by the INS. The posting is displayed for the minimum required time and usually in an obscure area of the building where it was quite unlikely to be generally seen.
  3. Perhaps, actually interview a couple people locally, who of course will not qualify. The requirements call for someone who walks on water.
  4. Present an Indian worker who does “qualify” for the position. Oh yes, it will be necessary to inflate the education and accomplishments to meet the position requirements. This person is an “expert” in the field. Get it? wink, wink, nudge, nudge
  5. Bring the Indian worker to Santa Cruz to fill the position.

Effects on the Indian Workers

Indian workers are little more than indentured servants in this system. They deserve our pity for the practices of companies such as LightSurf. Why? Well, a company “sponsors” them in the visa application process. Once the visa is granted, they arrive in the US. It is difficult for them to change jobs and find a better employer, who is willing to assume the H1B sponsorship. It is possible, just not likely. In the Santa Cruz office, the H1B salaries were generally quite a bit lower than comparable US staff. Recall the original objectives. So, they were stuck with LightSurf and stuck with poor compensation. They always live with the threat of being deported. They suffer in silence, or in conversations amongst themselves.

All the while, the 6 year clock is ticking. The H1B is only good for 6 years. When the time is up, they must have a green card to stay in the US. If not, they head home. Kinda tough after establishing a new life for 6 years.

Individually, most H1B staff are fine people. They like, most of us in the US, endeavor to improve their family’s quality of life. Working in the US software industry certainly helps with that objective.


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