Layoffs at VeriSign

16 Apr 2008 – VeriSign implements a layoff. Doesn’t seem to be published in the news. Internally, it has been implemented and then announced.

In the local, internal announcement, mgt said it was a VeriSign-wide action.

There are essentially 2 groups in the Santa Cruz office, Operations, and Development. There are 75 staff in Development and 26 in Operations, for a total of ~101. A few staff from other Verisign organizations are also located in Santa Cruz. Something like 4 people. The RIF (Reduction In Force), or layoff, affected only the Development organization.

10 of the 75 Development staff received the RIF notice, 13.3% of the Dev staff, which is about 10% of the staff in the Santa Cruz office.

In addition to the RIF, attrition is quite high. 5 have departed in Apr.  And, Apr has not yet ended!  Usually, the most senior, experienced, and accomplished staff depart.  Departures have significantly impacted the management ranks, including Directors, Sr Managers, and Managers.


2 Responses to Layoffs at VeriSign

  1. lsfollies says:

    No mention of Verisign layoffs on the web. Looks like mgt is keeping it quiet.

  2. lsfollies says:

    The names of some Mountain View staff affected in the Mar 16, 2008 RIF were identified.

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